Bula makes research and provides content.

Research articulates the knowledge of history, languages and art. It can be applied to new productions, such aspublishing, films and special projects, in text or image formats. It is used by who will continue the creative project.

Content is creation, made by Bula herself, after a thorough research in the field of interest, of something that can be materialized. It can come to life in the forms of journalistic texts, scripts, concepts for collections and product lines, editing, as well as images. To create content, Bula contributes with the creative part.

Graduated in History from Universidade de São Paulo and Master in Film Studies from University of London, I transformed in my profession what I like most: research and creation.

The knowledge of languages, intensive image studies, creativity, literary creation and my work with film complement the formality of the academic research.

Concern with the concept and details are my main characteristic, important for the work I do.

Here you will find the main projects that Bula has completed, and what it offers now.

Larissa Rebello



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